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PQM Ready

PQM READY is our standard for master trusts. Multi-employer trust-based schemes can apply for it.

Master trusts are likely to become a major part of the pensions landscape as auto-enrolment is phased into all employers. Many new master trusts have entered the market, and it's important that they can deliver good outcomes for savers. We want to recognise high quality master trusts.

PQM READY is also helping to drive up standards amongst master trusts. The standards are demanding and go beyond those of the Pensions Regulator. We have seen master trusts change their scheme rules so that they can meet the PQM READY standards.

To qualify for PQM READY, a scheme needs to meet the PQM READY Standards on governance and communications.

The trustees must be fully independent. They have the power to make, break or vary arrangements with the scheme's fund managers and administrators. The trustees, or any company associated with the trustees, cannot have any commercial interest in the master trust. This is to ensure that trustees can always act in the members' interests and independently of any commercial sponsor or founder. We would not normally regard participating employers or their employees as having a commercial interest. Independent trustees do not have to come from a professional trustee company.

Trustees must also undertake training in line with the Pensions Regulator's Code on Trustee Knowledge and Understanding .  Trustees have to regularly review key DC issues at their meetings.

The scheme also needs to have clear and engaging communications to members when joining the scheme, ongoing, leaving and for members approaching retirement

All employers using the scheme must be able to access a default investment option with charges no higher than 0.75%. We appreciate that some employers may opt for a more expensive default, but if they do so it must be their own choice. The scheme needs to offer a simple range of investment options or a default option.

PQM READY also helps employers to pick a scheme for auto-enrolment. Employers can easily pick a good scheme for auto-enrolment by looking for the PQM READY logo.

Many employers will be using a master trust for auto-enrolment, and PQM READY can help them to pick a high quality scheme. Master trusts with PQM READY will have independent governance, reasonable charges and strong communications.  Employers can find a list of schemes which have been assessed, as meeting the PQM Ready standards. Employers will need to contact these schemes directly if they wish to use any of them for auto-enrolment.

If an employer does choose a PQM READY scheme for auto-enrolment, they can easily qualify for the classic PQM by meeting the contributions standard. Employers applying for classic PQM through this route will pay a reduced assessment fee.

Contributions are covered under the classic PQM, which remains the reserve of employers. Only classic PQM can be communicated to employees. Employers using a PQM READY master trust can easily qualify for classic PQM by meeting the contribution standard and they will pay a reduced assessment fee.

Use the links below to find out more, or contact us directly if you have further questions.

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We are delighted to support any initiative that recognises the value and importance of employee communications. The Pension Quality Mark does just that and we are excited to be involved. We look forward to having more of our clients having their communication programmes recognised by the Pension Quality Mark and to promote the required standard amongst our other clients going forward.
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