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retirement quality mark

Building confidence in the at-retirement market for savers

The purpose of the PLSA is simple; to help everyone to achieve a better income in retirement. We work to get more money into retirement savings, to get more value out of those savings and to build the confidence and understanding of savers. The PLSA developed the Pension Quality Mark (PQM) to assist UK employers in demonstrating the benefits of their pension offering.

The Pension Quality Mark Ltd is now launching the Retirement Quality Mark (RQM).

After a rigorous consultation process, we have developed the quality mark as a benchmark of what a good quality at-retirement product looks like.

Due to our experience implementing and operating the Pension Quality Mark we are uniquely positioned to launch the Retirement Quality Mark and create an environment where good quality products can be differentiated, to empower savers.

For further information about the Retirement Quality Mark, please visit the RQM website. 

Latest news

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By providing a benchmark the PQM can help people judge the quality of pension scheme offered and companies will be able to easily promote that aspect of their employment package.
Doug Taylor, Which?