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Employers from a wide variety of sectors including retailers, charities and utility companies have PQM.    The smallest scheme has 12 active members, and the largest over 200,000. 

Schemes must meet PQM standards of good governance and good communications to be awarded.   Additionally pension schemes must have good contribution levels - 10% or 12% with at least 6% from the employer for PQM, and 15% with at least 10% from employer for PQM Plus.  PQM Ready is an accreditation for master trusts.

Full lists of who has PQM,  PQM Plus and PQM Ready are available via the links below.  


PQM Plus 

PQM Ready  

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It’s important that we celebrate initiatives like the PQM which recognise such quality schemes and help to restore confidence in pension provision.
Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP, former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions