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The following schemes have been awarded PQM Ready status recognising that they have met the Pension Quality Mark standards for master trusts and Multi-Employer schemes.

For more information visit the PQM Ready webpage.


Joining The Aon MasterTrust, a professionally-managed, multi-employer trust-based pension scheme, is one step employers may take to potentially improve their scheme governance and performance and to meet their monitoring and reporting requirements.

The Aon MasterTrust draws on a combination of Aon's expertise in DC within the UK and globally, our market-leading investment expertise, and credentials in building strong governance frameworks. We offer a service delivered by experts and our expert guidance positions schemes to deliver better outcomes for their members - now and in the future.

Aviva Master Trust  

The Aviva Master Trust is a modern, flexible pension scheme provided through our innovative corporate platform. The scheme is governed by a team of independent professional trustees who have extensive experience of managing pension schemes, and who work closely with appointed legal, investment and audit specialists.

It's designed to help employers offer their employees an outstanding retirement vehicle which forms part of a comprehensive workplace savings package, including access to:

- a default range of investment options with the ability to bespoke
- a range of savings products
- a full suite of member literature
- financial education materials
- informative and interactive online tools and services

The Aviva Master Trust aims to give employers the peace of mind that independent governance brings, with the assurance of having a strong, specialist team behind them.

The Atlas Master Trust  

Atlas is a multi-employer DC scheme operated by Capita. Built upon Capita's proven operational scale, Atlas is tailored to companies who want to offer a cost-effective, quality pension arrangement with first-class governance. Members can manage their benefits online via the award-winning 'Orbit' benefits portal, from the accumulation phase through to decumulation.

The Ensign Retirement Plan 

Created especially for employees in the maritime industry, the Ensign Retirement Plan is a multi-employer defined contribution workplace pension scheme suitable for auto enrolment. It offers members the full range of flexibilities and choice at retirement, clear communications, very low charges and useful online tools and services.

Legal & General WorkSave Mastertrust 

The Legal & General Master trust is designed to deliver a unique blend of:

•effective, experienced and transparent governance, with a strong focus on independence
•value for money charges delivered through established operational scale
•robust, proven administration platform
•clear and engaging communications
•flexibility - employers can delegate all governance responsibility to the Trustees, or can share in the governance process.


LifeSight is Willis Towers Watson's DC master trust for employers who would benefit from high-quality, market-competitive pension provision without the governance burden. LifeSight offers the best attributes of a trust in an outsourced arrangement, providing access to our market-leading administration and technology capabilities, combined with proven excellence in investments and engaging member communications.

National Employment Savings Trust 

NEST was established as part of the workplace pension reforms and is a pension scheme that all employers can use to meet their duties. It offers clear communications, low charges and easy online tools and services. It's a trust-based scheme and run on a not-for-profit basis.

National Pension Trust 

The National Pension Trust is a highly governed multi-employer occupational pension scheme. The Trust offers access to all flexibilities available under Freedom and Choice and is used for accumulation, decumulation, or as a standalone retirement scheme. Individuals can transfer benefits into the Trust to access the flexibilities at no cost to the Employer or transferring provider.

Railways Pension Scheme Industry Wide Defined Contribution Section 

The Industry-Wide Defined Contribution (IWDC) Section is a multi-employer section of the Railways Pension Scheme, which aims to offer employers a flexible and high-quality defined contribution scheme. It has been recognised for its first-class standards in governance, low charges and its engaging communications strategy.

TPT Retirement Solutions 

TPT Retirement Solutions, one of the leading workplace pension funds in the UK, provides innovative defined contribution (DC) pension solutions, with excellent member experiences and market-leading investment.

TPT Retirement Solutions, established in 1946, is an occupational pension scheme with c. £9 billion in assets under management and provides high quality workplace pensions to 2,400 organisations and c. 240,000 members and pensioners.

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We are delighted to support any initiative that recognises the value and importance of employee communications. The Pension Quality Mark does just that and we are excited to be involved. We look forward to having more of our clients having their communication programmes recognised by the Pension Quality Mark and to promote the required standard amongst our other clients going forward.
Nigel Ferrier - Executive Chairman, Ferrier Pearce